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3 décembre 2016

5th St Petersburg International Cultural Forum concludes

The fifth St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum was held in Russia on 1-3 December. Representatives from more than 80 countries and regions participated in the forum, which organized 275 events. Dozens of projects were presented and numerous important agreements in the sphere of tourism, museum industry and other spheres of culture were signed at the Cultural Forum.

Take a look at the programme.

The goals of Forum are formulated in three main directions :

  • Culture as a heritage of mankind. Forum’s goal is to initiate, develop and implement national, inter-State and global programmes aimed at maintaining and augmenting of the preservation of cultural heritage ;
  • Culture as a factors for social growth. Forum’s goal is to ensure effective functioning and creating the new mechanisms of influence of the culture on the development of modern society, both globally and locally.
  • Culture as an industry (economy of culture). Forum’s goal is to contribute to the achievement intra-industry goals of development, providing culture’s existence as self sufficient social environment.


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